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Every firm and companies want to give a great first impression on their clients and customers. Cleaning plays a major role in restoring your property and if you’ve never experienced professional guttering, roof, patio or window cleaner, it can be hard to believe how beautiful your property will appear when the work is complete. If you are taking good care of your building from inside it is very important to keep it clean from outside as well. External cleaning includes driveway cleaning, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, etc. An external cleaning service removes dirt, mold, grease, mildew, and grime. Here are the few external cleaning techniques which are as under:-

  1. Rope Access:-

It is also known as Abseiling technique. It is used to clean external areas of the building when other techniques are limited. It is the most effective and safest solution to use at immense heights.

  1. Building Maintenance Unit:-

This technique includes in cradles and granites, used to clean architectural design of a building.

  1. Scaffolding:-

This includes the use of ladders to access the area up to 9meters above the ground.

  1. Pure water Pole technique:-

This system sends purified water up to a large pole. This method absorbs all the dirt, chemicals and minerals which come across.